Converse CT70 High Big Heart - Milk / Red
Converse CT70 Low Big Heart - Milk / Red
COMME des GARCONS PLAYConverse CT70 Low Big Heart - Milk / Red


Known for their playful nature and statement garments, Pleasures arrives with their latest collection ready for the Autumn transition between warm days and cooler nights.

Introducing — Houseplant

Releasing in-store via our Highs and Lows Department Store from 10:00AM, on 16.03.2024 and releasing online from 11:00AM on 16.03.2024....

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Ganni Pre-Spring | Positive Femininity

For Pre-Spring 2024, GANNI embraces elegance and joy. The Danish womenswear brand with an international cult following (dubbed, ‘GANNI Girl’)...

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Adidas Originals | Choose Your Fighter

With many different iterations of the Adidas Originals Samba silhouette, there is a pair for everyone. From men's to women's,...

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Gateway Mini Tarot Bag B - Chalk Blue
Perks and Mini (P.A.M.)Gateway Mini Tarot Bag B - Chalk Blue
Gateway Tarot Bag A - Depths Green
Perks and Mini (P.A.M.)Gateway Tarot Bag A - Depths Green
Tri-Point Bag - Black
Norse ProjectsTri-Point Bag - Black
Porter Pouch Bag - BlackSold Out
COMME des GARCONS HOMMEPorter Pouch Bag - Black
Porter Waist Bag - Black
COMME des GARCONS HOMMEPorter Waist Bag - Black
Porter Quilted Tote Bag - BlackSold Out
COMME des GARCONS HOMMEPorter Quilted Tote Bag - Black
Quilted Tote Bag - Olive
COMME des GARCONS HOMMEQuilted Tote Bag - Olive
Woven Shoulder Bag - Black
Woven Shoulder Bag - Blue
NeighborhoodWoven Shoulder Bag - Blue
Bicycle Seat Bag - BlackSale
NeighborhoodBicycle Seat Bag - Black
$305 $275
Bicycle Handlebar Bag - BlackSale
NeighborhoodBicycle Handlebar Bag - Black
$335 $302
ID Large Tote Bag - BlackSale
NeighborhoodID Large Tote Bag - Black
$105 $95
Kowtow — Completely Natural, Completely Nature

Wow, they’ve done it. Kowtow (pronounced Koto), New Zealand’s beloved, environmentally conscious fashion brand’s autumn/winter collection has arrived on Lvl 02, and it’s officially their first 100% plastic free collection, honouring the preservation of our natural world, now and forever. Kowtow is synonymous with ease and comfort, stretch and softness,...

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Tekla — Elevated Homewares

Undoubtedly, Tekla Fabrics is at the forefront of innovation in the realm of home essentials. Pledging impeccable quality, Tekla ensures customers can place complete trust in their investments, promising longevity. Crafted not only for utility rather, but Tekla’s pieces are also designed to seamlessly integrate into daily life, quietly enhancing...

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