Introducing — Tekla Fabrics
Introducing — Tekla Fabrics

Founded in 2017 in the design-minded city of Copenhagen, Tekla is a high-end homeware brand heavily influenced by art and architecture. A distinctly unique label created by Charlie Hedin that bridges the gap between functional fabrication and cohesive design within the sphere of the home. Focusing on minimalism and complimentary subdued colour pallets to create truly versatile and aesthetically beautiful pieces. Named after Hedin's first boat used on his expeditions for the national sailing team, Tekla embarks on a journey of redefining the realm of homeware.

All fabrics within their core product offering have been designed to maintain an ease of integration into any bedroom or bathroom. Rather than outshine existing furniture or decor, Tekla enhances the often-overlooked crevices of a space. Drawing parallels with the natural environment, all prints and fabrics honour the Dane's love for the natural environment. The Danish lifestyle is one heavily embedded within nature, with the presence of numerous forests, lakes, harbours, and boardwalks inspiring a deep sense of inspiration within the local community.

A brand centred around the ideology that your home is a reflection of the psyche, and most importantly sets the stage as a safe place to unwind at the end of the day. Tekla enhances the sensation of living in a space that truly encapsulates the serene nature of relaxed living by eliciting calm feelings and serene emotions.

Latest Tekla available online and in-store now.

Latest Tekla available online and in-store now.

Woven Ecology Coaster - MultiSale
Space AvailableWoven Ecology Coaster - Multi
$75 $38
Woven Ecology Coaster - WhiteSale
Space AvailableWoven Ecology Coaster - White
$75 $38
Archidesk Pen Holder - Blue WaveSale
Space AvailableArchidesk Pen Holder - Blue Wave
$170 $160
Lai - Indigo / Denim
Paloma WoolLai - Indigo / Denim
Mini Globo - White
Paloma WoolMini Globo - White
Artisan Sun Hat - OrangeSale
Space AvailableArtisan Sun Hat - Orange
$140 $70
Sombrita - Yellow
Paloma WoolSombrita - Yellow
Ponsa - White / Multi
Paloma WoolPonsa - White / Multi
Utopia Work Jacket - BlackSale
Space AvailableUtopia Work Jacket - Black
$370 $185
Querida - Khaki
Paloma WoolQuerida - Khaki
Rituals T-Shirt - Black
Space AvailableRituals T-Shirt - Black
Morris - Navy
Paloma WoolMorris - Navy
Querida - Gold
Paloma WoolQuerida - Gold
Lupe - Black
Paloma WoolLupe - Black
Paloma1 - Blue
Paloma WoolPaloma1 - Blue
Archivase - White Multi
Space AvailableArchivase - White Multi
Archivase - Blue Wave
Space AvailableArchivase - Blue Wave
Woven Ecology Tray - WhiteSale
Space AvailableWoven Ecology Tray - White
$115 $58
Woven Ecologi Vase - WhiteSale
Space AvailableWoven Ecologi Vase - White
$170 $85