Utopian Architecture T-Shirt - Black
Utopian Architecture T-Shirt - Black

Space Available

Utopian Architecture T-Shirt - Black


Join Space Available on their journey towards a circular future that connects nature, culture, and design. This ecological design studio blends art, design, and science to produce products that are crafted from radically recycled and upcycled materials, creating a new aesthetic that is both sustainable and visually stunning. With a passion for meaningful research and development, Space Available encourages a culture of sharing and unlearning conventional design norms, creating a world that is more connected to nature and less wasteful.

  • 100% Upcyled and Recycled Cotton Fabric
  • Fabric Sourced from Upcycled Factory Offcuts
  • Front & Back Centre Seam
  • Hand Stitched Seams
  • Recycled Plastic Swing Tag Can Be Used as a Coaster or Object