Rituals T-Shirt - Black
Rituals T-Shirt - Black

Space Available

Rituals T-Shirt - Black


Replace the wastage with ecological design studio Space Available. They challenge the conventional "take, make, waste" fashion industry ethos by recycling plastic and garment off-cuts into unique clothing pieces.

Their Rituals t-shirt that pays tribute to the power of ritual and our connection to the macrocosm. It's crafted from upcycled mixed cottons, reworked by Space Available, giving new life to discarded materials. The garment also features intricate overlock front and rear centre seam details, and comes with a recycled plastic swing tag that can be repurposed as a coaster or desk object, embodying their commitment to reducing waste and reusing materials.

  • 100% Recycled Cotton
  • Recycled Plastic Swing Tag
  • SA-UWJ001-BLC