Adidas Basketball | Chapter 02 : Remember the Why
Adidas Basketball | Chapter 02 : Remember the Why

Reemerging during a critical moment of culture, Adidas Basketball channels the three stripe's own revolutionary spirit to inspire audiences and usher in a contemporary reset - a new era of originality on and off the court - to create an entirely new identity.


Featuring minimalist design elements that epitomize the brand's values of essentialism, premium quality, and refinement, Adidas Basketball boldly returns to the Why. This new identity aims to inspire athletes, creators, and individuals alike, highlighting the importance of motivation in achieving success.

By reuniting with our Why, the rebuilding process itself becomes the reward; we can condition ourselves for constant discovery, reconnecting with our past to view old experiences under a new light—breaking thresholds we thought might never be broken. All that time and work we put in creates a ripple effect; sooner or later others take notice, and they’ll feel the urgency to start their own journey. By seeking inspiration, we create it for others—inspiring them to find their Why.


The brand continues to pursue their campaign in the 2023 season with "The 2023 Collection: Chapter 02," crafted with versatility in mind to meet the needs of modern athletes. This pinnacle assortment includes essential T-shirts, half-zips, crewnecks, hoodies, shorts, and sweatpants, designed to demonstrate the art of reduction and focus through bold simplicity and ultra-premium materials. These pieces are a physical manifestation of the brand's ethos, further emphasizing their commitment to minimalism and inspiring their audience to prioritize their motivation and goals.

Boldly simple. Confident. Effortless. Clean. These are the new hallmarks of the new collection. Crafted with versatility in mind and built to fit the needs of the modern athlete. Adidas Basketball is a new platform to inspire all to find their why. The brand is a catalyst. Cutting through the noise and ushering in the most important era for contemporary basketball culture.



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