Adidas Basketball

adidas Basketball returns to the essentials–form, function & color–with an effortlessly versatile collection built to fit the needs of the modern athlete. Boldly simple. Confident. Effortless. Clean. These are the hallmarks of the new adidas Basketball collection. Inspired by the collection, our campaign mood is stripped of all excess and distractions. Its purity is equal parts evocative and peaceful. The next chapter of adidas Basketball is an exploration of effortless form, function and color. The 2023 Collection is a pinnacle assortment crafted with versatility in mind, built to fit the needs of the modern athlete. This product offering serves as a physical manifestation of our new positioning and platform by demonstrating the art of reduction and focus through bold simplicity and ultrapremium materials. Inspired by this minimalist approach, all of our communications should be a reflection of this philosophy.

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