Shiny Joe Ryan - Shinys Democracy

Shiny Joe Ryan

Shiny Joe Ryan - Shinys Democracy

Amane of curly locks,ahilarious sense of humour,alilting Irish brogue; Shiny Joe Ryan isabit of an enigma. His musical offerings are as unique as he is –amix of genres encompassing country, pop and rock, all mangled and mashed into something new, strange and tender.

Sometime during and between touring as crew for Tame Impala and performing with his band Pond, Joe wrote and recorded his second album Shiny’s Democracy at Tunafish Studios in Western Australia.

Effortlessly mixed by Ryan and his Pond bandmates, Jay Watson and James Ireland, and perfectly mastered by Kevin Parker, Shiny’s Democracy flows from heartfelt Americana lyrics to heart-thumping guitar solos.

Written with aperfect balance of grit, wit, and expertly crafted instrumentals, this second album from Ryan will place Shiny Joe alongside Western Australian mainstays and mark his return from acclaimed 2014 album “The Cosmic Microwave Background”.