Two years ago, Laura Jane Lowther changed everything. She ended a long term straight relationship. She moved from Perth to Los Angeles. She married a woman. And away from expectation and everyone who knew her, she stepped into a new chapter of her life. “It was like opening one door gave way to a million other doors,” Lowther says.

This metamorphosis is documented on Wrestling, her anticipated debut album as KUCKA. Wrestling captures the ecstasy and agony of reinvention, from the turbulence of leaving everyone behind to the anxiety of coming out and the incredible excitement of meeting someone new.

The album was written, produced, and recorded entirely by Lowther, whose distinctive, hypnotic vocals command almost every track. Controlling each piece of the album from start to finish was a way for Laura to process the changing landscape of her life, to celebrate it and, sometimes, to soothe herself.

Wrestling takes KUCKA’s avant-electronica sound to new heights, blending organic elements like field recordings with soft synths, autotune and layered production for a slick, shiny palette she describes as “Hi-Fi DIY”.