ROA Hiking

ROA Hiking, an Italian footwear brand established in 2015, epitomizes a hybrid approach to landscapes by seamlessly merging a sportswear ethos with outdoor functionality. Recognized for its minimalist designs, traditional Italian craftsmanship, and cutting-edge materials, ROA emerged from a collaboration between Slam Jam's creative team and technical designer Maurizio Quaglia. The brand's name, derived from the scenic Forcella della Roa in the Dolomites, is embodied in its logo, a refined depiction of the mountain peak. Prioritizing functionality, ROA crafts shoes that effortlessly combine everyday style with trailblazing performance, with kudu skin chosen for its natural resilience and unique aesthetic. The collaboration with Vibram underscores the brand's commitment to safety and futuristic design, reflecting a harmonious blend of fashion and hiking trends. As ROA looks toward the future, a commitment to authenticity and continuous exploration of materials and designs remain at the forefront of its innovative journey.

T-Shirt Graphics - Black
ROA HikingT-Shirt Graphics - Black
Katharina - Black
ROA HikingKatharina - Black
Socks - Light Brown
ROA HikingSocks - Light Brown
Technical Cap - Black
ROA HikingTechnical Cap - Black
Katharina - Brown
ROA HikingKatharina - Brown
Socks - Black
ROA HikingSocks - Black
Loafer - Black
ROA HikingLoafer - Black
Technical Cap - Green
ROA HikingTechnical Cap - Green