Adidas Community Always | San Cisco | EPISODE 31*

Adidas Community Always | San Cisco | EPISODE 31*

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San Cisco's journey, marked by their signature blend of catchy indie-pop tunes, reflects a consistent evolution since their debut in the early 2010s. As they prepare for their tour with their latest album "Under The Light," the band emphasizes a collaborative and community-driven creative process, which is deeply influenced by their roots in Western Australia's vibrant music scene. This environment not only fosters innovation but also ensures their music remains both fresh and nostalgically resonant with their loyal fanbase. Listen to San Cisco's playlist available on Apple Music and Spotify now. 

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Please introduce San Cisco - who is in the band, roles etc

We’ve got Jordi Davieson on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Then there’s Scarlett Stevens on drums and vocals and Josh Biondillo on backing vocals and lead guitar. Mitchell Benson on backing vocals, bass, drums and DJ duties.

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What is your go to tour prep / what are your must haves for tour?

On this upcoming tour we’re playing most of the new songs from our latest album, Under The Light, so we spent a few weeks in the studio rehearsing and building the new set. When we set off on tour, in our suitcase we tend to pack a few staple pieces such as AirPods, Bluetooth speaker, teabags, instant coffee, incense etc. We try to do a bit of fitness on the road when we can so a pair of sneakers are a must also and Scarlett will often have a yoga mat, yoga block, she almost has a whole yoga studio in her suitcase.

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What does it mean to be a part of the WA music industry and community?

Western Australia seems to be continually coming through with the goods as far as new, innovative music so it feels really good to be a part such a strong community and because it is such a smaller place geographically, we all tend to bump into each other, wether it be at gigs, the pub or at the bowls club. Also everyone kind of knows each other and are very aware of what each other are up to creatively which makes for a great collaborative atmosphere that is also inspiring.

Thanks for reading! Listen to San Cisco on Spotify or Apple Music.