Please Introduce Yourself…
Konnichiwa! We are Nori & Alexander - two pals & the founders behind C.C.P – Childhood, Calm & Punk.  

How Did C.C.P Come About?
After connecting we decided to create a project together from the idea of building a space that unifies all our favourite things under one roof - Art, Fashion, Music, Dining, Culture & Community - a boundary-less project that collaborates with artists and freely reshapes itself with what we like and the extensions of what comes naturally.

The C. is from Childhood Intelligence, Alexander's Record Label and the C.P. is from CALM & PUNK, - the Tokyo-based Art Gallery that Nori has been working on for over a decade. It felt like the most natural thing to fuse these two names together, paying homage to the projects that we have worked on.

What Are Some Of Your Favourite Partnerships So Far And What Are Some Artists That You Would Like To Work With In The Future?
Since the founding last year, we began reaching out and exhibiting so many artists we really wanted to work with. They all have been special favourites so far. In the future there are so many more artists we would love to work with. It is hard to choose which artist specifically… Let’s keep it a surprise!

How Do You Unwind When You Are Not Working On C.C.P?
The Japanese Onsen Hot Springs are a really great way to reset. They have a similar vibe to the Finnish or German sauna and Turkish Hammam. They all have their own unique characteristics but the Onsen though… It really has its own magic found nowhere else in the world.

For The Latest HAL RADIO You Have Curated A Very Special Playlist. Give Us A Little Insight Into Your Selection.
Let’s say… they’re tunes we both had in our own playlists. A mix of recent digs and some tunes from our friends – all slightly random and puzzled together!

Thank You For Taking Time To Contribute To Our HAL RADIO Programming.

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(This interview has been edited for length and clarity)
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