Adidas Community Always | Playa Coffee

Adidas Community Always | Playa Coffee

Community Always - Playa Coffee is a small business with a big heart. We got Rach and her staff to select some of their daily vibes while serving the some of the best coffee and food offerings around the CBD. Have a listen to Play Coffees playlists available on Apple Music Spotify now.

Scroll-through to read our special interview below. Introducing Rach from Playa Coffee...
Rach bought Playa Coffee four years ago and has seen her fare share of small business pandemics…sorry, challenges. And she still gets up (early) in the morning, with a smile on her face, to put a smile on yours. With coffee. The best coffee you’ll find in the heart of Perth’s CBD. Playa Coffee continues to be an urban retreat for office workers. Somewhere to escape at the start of the day for the early morning coffee hit. A place to grab a small table for a quick hello or meeting. The grab and go place for the freshest bagels, croissants, baked goods and more. All delivered in a fast and friendly manner, so you can worry about the important things at work. Not another boring lunch or bad coffee.

Rach has a stella team of young superstar baristas that make great coffee, great food and sometimes even great chat!
Playa Coffee offer exceptional office catering for local Perth CBD businesses, taking the worry away from the office catering decisions. You can grab a mix of bagels, croissants and baked goods that will only impress your co-workers or guests. There’s something for everyone’s taste. And it’s always fresh, delicious and affordable. Playa Coffee is the fluoro heart of Australia Place, brightening up the city workers, one really good coffee at a time. Come for a visit some time.

1. What inspired you to start your business?
Hospitality is in my blood. My Dad was a publican and I grew up in hotels, restaurants and pubs. I love the hospitality environment, the noisier and grittier the better. I also have a huge interest in people and humanity. Being a part of someone’s daily routine is very humbling. Playa came about at a time in my life when I was extremely lost. I think building the community was as much for me as everyone else at that point in time. I fell in love with the diversity and authenticity of Perth City and the Playa community just evolved from there. It was all inclusive.

2. How would you describe your personal style?
Hoops and sneakers, a must. Things that match, a must. I love an element of femininity, and definitely partial to a bit of leopard print. (I asked Gina for her thoughts and she said ‘girly street with a touch of leopard print)

3. What does community mean to you and your business?
Community is the backbone of my business, and it’s definitely my passion. You can’t put a price on providing someone with a sense of belonging. My staff are an extension of my family and our regulars are an extension of that again. I think a lot of our corporate customers enjoy being part of the Playa community because of how non corporate it is. It’s a little holiday from the office. The music is loud and the conversations are relaxed. It is such a joy to be able to go to work and be yourself and talk shit with people who just genuinely look forward to seeing you (and getting a coffee of course). Kick starting someone’s day in a positive way is everything to me.