L.E.T. Mixtape 009 | Sakidasumi

L.E.T. Mixtape 009 | Sakidasumi

Boorloo based producer, songwriter, performer, and DJ Umairah Murtaza AKA Sakidasumi flows effortlessly between genres and mediums, while maintaining a distinct sense of individuality throughout her work. The Singaporean-Indonesian artist creates music to express the various dimensions of her persona that she cannot capture with words. Everything she creates seamlessly shapeshifts between genres, mixing dreamy beats with whispered lyrics to create ethereal tracks exuding passionate emotion.

As a method of emotional catharsis Sakidasumi derives inspiration from personal experiences, reflecting on a multitude of emotional events in her lyrics. The purpose of her song writing is to inspire self-confidence within herself and others, connecting with her audience on a cerebral level.

Sakidasumi made her festival debut in 2019 at Groove in the Moo in Bunbury and has since continued to perform for Garbage TV, Midnight Elevator and Halcyon in Perth and Headstream Radio in Bali.


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