L.E.T. Mixtape 005 | Nick Allbrook (Pond)

L.E.T. Mixtape 005 | Nick Allbrook (Pond)

To celebrate the release of the limited edition collection from our sustainable up-cycled program 'Pre-Loved, RE-Loved', Low End Therapy connects with Nick Allbrook - multi-talented frontman to Australian psychedelic rock band Pond. Allbrook let's us into their Dream Dust Studios location and giving us an insight into his creative process and jumping on to our latest Quickpicks episode where he walks us through some of his day to day essentials.

To top things off we’ve asked Allbrook to make us a mixtape of what he loves to listen to. Get into the mind of one of Freo’s finest and explore L.E.T. Mixtape 005. Scroll-through to discover our photoshoot and the mixtape with Allbrook, who is sporting the Low End Therapy "Free Association" vintage crewneck releasing exclusively in-store via the Highs And Lows King Street Flagship store located in Perth, Western Australia.

Special Thank You to Nick, Pond and Spinning Top Records!


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