L.E.T. Mixtape 002 | Moth Swatter

L.E.T. Mixtape 002 | Moth Swatter


Please introduce your self….

I go by many names, but first and foremost I am Thom.

How long have you been making music?

I've been making music in various iterations since I was gangly teenaged youth, most of which I'm not particularly proud of. I'm only just starting to get my shit together and write songs that don't make me hang my head in shame.

How did your artist name Moth Swatter come about?

I'm deep into cryptic crosswords and Moth Swatter just happens to be the perfect anagram of Thom Stewart. So is Hottest Warm.

‘Evaporate’ your debut Single just came out recently, how was the creative process on that, Any future releases in the pipeline?

I wrote and recorded most of Evaporate last year when I was locked in a shoebox in Melbourne for 165 days. I tend to sit on demos for a while, and when I moved back to Perth at the start of 2021 I got my darling friend Jake Webb to help me retrack most of it and mix it with all his fancy bells and whistles. We finished another song during those sessions which I'm hoping to release early next year!

How do you unwind when you're are not working on Music?

Tending to my Bonsai trees, spending time in the bush, watching old westerns and playing basketball.

The playlist you have curated, give us a little insight into your selection?

This playlist features some old favourites, some new discoveries, and a healthy dose of local Oz talent from Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. A Smörgåsbord of spicy flavours, but a tasty dish all the same!


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