Highs and Lows Summer '24 Editorial
Highs and Lows Summer '24 Editorial

As the days stretch on endlessly, the twenty-four-hour period tends to shape-shift to accommodate for more time in the sun. When deliberating on how to create a summer styling capsule, our team decided to apply the notion of versatility to the latest summer-appropriate pieces from our favourite brands, including Aries, ROA, Ellie Mercer, ARCS, Akila, and more. At the core of our summer '24 campaign is adaptable styling, ensuring that all our pieces can be worn to any event or gathering. We experimented with textural fabrics and pops of colour to create an ensemble of summer outfits perfectly suited to a broad range of landscapes and circumstances.

As festival season picks up over the summer months, most of us are often in search of eye-catching festival attire that is both elevated and a little kitsch. With the evident downfall of the typical Coachella core that was embraced in the early 2010s, there has been a resurgence of the grungy festival looks originally worn by '90s icons in the muddy fields of Glastonbury. Festival-goers are now honouring the original ethos of the festival, one that was not about wearing flashy expensive pieces or conforming to a specific aesthetic but rather experimenting with your personal wardrobe or buying quality pieces that represent your identity.

ROA hiking takes centre stage as our footwear choice during the warmer weather, a robust hiking silhouette designed and manufactured in Italy – a label with a hybrid attitude towards the landscape. Creating heavyweight rugged-looking boots and loafers in various styles that, at a glance, look well suited to a high-intensity hike or natural exploration. The deceptively baggy 3D knit is arguably the most eye-catching piece from this season’s collection, closely resembling a textural landscape a garment that feels truly innovative in both fit and design. Arriving with a controversial campaign Aries releases a series of garments exuding elevated sleaziness. From bright graphics to tongue in cheek slogans the Italian based label creates pieces that honour the true roots of the underground rave culture of London.

Scroll through our latest summer editorial and take your pick from a range of outfits styled for day and night wear.

Loafer - Black
ROA HikingLoafer - Black
Katharina - Black
ROA HikingKatharina - Black
W Brandon Pant - Black
Carhartt WIPW Brandon Pant - Black
W Jens Pant - Blue
Carhartt WIPW Jens Pant - Blue