Graphic T-Shirt Capsule | Spring 23
Graphic T-Shirt Capsule | Spring 23

As the seasons transition we tend to shed the layers to accommodate for the endless hot summer days and nights. With the of shedding layers it becomes more difficult to express one’s individuality, as it is inevitably less practical and comfortable to do so. Yet it is still possible to present your inner psyche to the world by mixing and matching a variety of graphics in different hues and silhouettes. Our latest t-shirt capsule provides an array of eclectic inspiration to suit a variety of tastes with graphics possessing the ability to maintain the status of wardrobe staples despite the shifting seasons.

In winter it is far easier to experiment with texture, layering, and accessories allowing the wearer to easily present all facets of their personality to the world. In summer we are often confined to a strict uniform consisting of a t-shirt and shorts. Yet it is still possible to experiment within your summer wardrobe by switching up your t-shirt rotation. The graphic t-shirt is one of those pieces of clothing that will maintain a sense of timelessness despite the fickle ever-evolving influence of trends. Each t-shirt within our spring graphics capsule is stylistically versatile with each brand heralding an interesting and unique story to tell.

Our latest graphic capsule collection provides an array of eclectic inspiration to accomodate for a variety of tastes within the shifting seasons. Explore new graphic additions from Space Available, Carhartt, Pleasures, Heresy and more in stores and online.

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Artisan Track Short-Black
Space AvailableArtisan Track Short-Black
Bitten Hanger - Blue
Space AvailableBitten Hanger - Blue
Shirt Radical Fungi-Green
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi-Green
Rituals T-Blue
Space AvailableRituals T-Blue
System Dynamics T-White
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-White
Artisan Circular Design T-Blue
Space AvailableArtisan Circular Design T-Blue
System Dynamics T-Black
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-Black
Recycling Machine T-White
Space AvailableRecycling Machine T-White
Ocean Cap Bottle-Blue
Space AvailableOcean Cap Bottle-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Blue
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Orange
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Orange
Shirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Ocean Cap Bottle-Orange
Space AvailableOcean Cap Bottle-Orange
Inner Space Plant Jacket-Grey
Space AvailableInner Space Plant Jacket-Grey
Homme Logo T-Shirt - Gray
COMME des GARCONS HOMMEHomme Logo T-Shirt - Gray