Space Available | Cyclical Construction
Space Available | Cyclical Construction

Connecting the dots between nature, culture, and design. Space Available is a creative platform and ecological design studio championing to create a circular future. Innovating art, design and science, the brand's products are crafted by radically recycling waste and upcycled to introduce a new aesthetic built upon the learning, unlearning, and sharing of meaningful product research and development to create space for the natural world. Creative director and co-founder Dan Mitchell started Space Available with the purpose of creating products that transcend the typical short-lived product timeline, all pieces have been constructed from discarded plastic to ensure a brighter future for the planet.

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When it comes to Dan Mitchell’s creative process “being in nature yet still having access to contemporary culture is the key”. A label catapulted by the pandemic, with the apparent slowdown of daily life a new space became available for the team to stop and reflect on the impact of their creative and production processes. Since their launch in 2020 over 4 million plastic bottles have been repurposed to create products and architectural projects. With the belief that there is no such thing as waste, only discarded material with nowhere to go, Space Available gives a new life to unwanted objects ensuring that they avoid landfill.

The Space Available creative process is driven entirely by research instigated by topics such as the plastic waste crisis. A collection is then conceived around this topic, utilising waste materials that are most frequently discarded. The Space Available team also investigate new types of biomaterials, currently mycelium has become integrated as part of their latest case study ‘radical fungi’.

This season Space Available introduces radical plastics constructed from industrial waste, all pieces have been handcrafted by artisans, utilising a circular zero waste design, made from 100% recycled household waste with a one-of-a-kind texture and pattern, no two items are the same pattern or colour. All apparel is hand stitched, dyed, printed, and finished. T-shirts are constructed from upcycled factory offcuts, ranging from biodegradable Tencel to blends of upcycled and organic canvas. Discover the latest eco-friendly addition to your wardrobe rotation or colourful statement object for your space.

Space Available online and in-stores now!

Woven Ecology Coaster - MultiSale
Space AvailableWoven Ecology Coaster - Multi
$75 $38
Woven Ecology Coaster - WhiteSale
Space AvailableWoven Ecology Coaster - White
$75 $38
Archidesk Pen Holder - Blue WaveSale
Space AvailableArchidesk Pen Holder - Blue Wave
$170 $160
Lai - Indigo / Denim
Paloma WoolLai - Indigo / Denim
Mini Globo - White
Paloma WoolMini Globo - White
Artisan Sun Hat - OrangeSale
Space AvailableArtisan Sun Hat - Orange
$140 $70
Sombrita - Yellow
Paloma WoolSombrita - Yellow
Ponsa - White / Multi
Paloma WoolPonsa - White / Multi
Utopia Work Jacket - BlackSale
Space AvailableUtopia Work Jacket - Black
$370 $185
Querida - Khaki
Paloma WoolQuerida - Khaki
Rituals T-Shirt - Black
Space AvailableRituals T-Shirt - Black
Morris - Navy
Paloma WoolMorris - Navy
Querida - Gold
Paloma WoolQuerida - Gold
Lupe - Black
Paloma WoolLupe - Black
Paloma1 - Blue
Paloma WoolPaloma1 - Blue
Archivase - White Multi
Space AvailableArchivase - White Multi
Archivase - Blue Wave
Space AvailableArchivase - Blue Wave
Woven Ecology Tray - WhiteSale
Space AvailableWoven Ecology Tray - White
$115 $58
Woven Ecologi Vase - WhiteSale
Space AvailableWoven Ecologi Vase - White
$170 $85