PLEASURES | Sonic Youth Capsule
PLEASURES | Sonic Youth Capsule

Staying true to their punk rock roots PLEASURES honours the legacy of Sonic Youth. The streetwear brand was founded in 2015 by Los Angeles-based Alex James and Vlad Elkin the duo has since gained notoriety for their defining music history aesthetic. The brand continously pays homage to punk and alternative music subcultures, combining contrasting colours with graphics reminiscent of 90’s East Coast, street, and skate subcultures. With the notorious duo describing their day-to-day uniform as centred around 3 tees PLEASURES was created after they noticed a gap in the global market for non-generic band merchandise.

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PLEASURES fuses niche graphics inspired by album art with design elements from streetwear. In addition to generic band tees the streetwear scene on the East Coast was heavily dominated by motifs of guns, violence, sex, nudity and drugs, PLEASURES bridges this gap by creating loud avante-gard graphics that simultaneously perform as elevated closet staples.

In 2015 the label received media attention after releasing a t-shirt featuring Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. The shock value of their first graphic reverberated globally with magazine articles ridiculing the brand for being insensitive and tasteless in their approach to fashion. Today multiple conspiracies shroud the origins of this note, with some arguing that it is not the Nirvana lead’s handwriting. Alex James stated that this graphic was not a tasteless mistake rather a purposeful choice used as a means of generating public discussion.

Since 2015 the streetwear brand has celebrated a multitude of success within the fashion industry. Two years following the brand’s conception PLEASURES held a hybrid concert and runway show in 2017 at the Staples Centre, guests included Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign. This was a pivotal moment for the brand as this event cemented their birthrtight as a legitimate label not just a popular Instagram brand.

T-shirts within this season’s capsule offer a contemporary relaxed cut with unique visual aesthetics in collaboration with iconic underground band Sonic Youth. The Sonic Youth by PLEASURES collection offers a wide breadth of graphics, t-shirts, jerseys, denim, headwear, and accessories. Each piece from this collection pays homage to album art created by the infamous graphic designers Raymond Pettibon and Mike Kelley. Each piece in this collection is a canvas for their distinguishable artistic style demonstraing an undeniably cool DIY approach to creating unbothered visuals.

Latest PLEASURES available online and in-store now!

W Jens Pant - Blue
Carhartt WIPW Jens Pant - Blue
W S/S Lovilia Shirt - Blue
Good Life Mug - White
Carhartt WIPGood Life Mug - White
Essentials Bag - Elder
Carhartt WIPEssentials Bag - Elder