Introducing — SOCKSSS
Introducing — SOCKSSS

Stockholm based, SOCKSSS takes staple sock cuts to the next tier with their designs and consciousness towards the environment. Coining the term 'foot-garment', the brand takes its sustainable practices seriously, focusing on innovative alternative fabric options and using renewable and recycled resources.

Two years ago in Sweden the brainchild SOCKSSS was born, centred around the innovative idea of creating a new product that calls attention to an underrated clothing category. Taking inspiration from a classic flower shop, envising products reminiscent of blossoms themselves. Just like handpicking a bouquet, it allows you to curate your own unique arrangement. This idea led to the birth of 'Edna's Flowershop', a concept embodying nurturing care, resonating through products, materials, colours and packaging. Within Edna’s Flowershop, possibilities are endless similarly to petals in a field of wildflowers. Patrons in attendance were granted the ability to customise their own SOCKSSS combinations.

Living by the motto of "making good things to give people good feelings", SOCKSSS follows a functional design criteria to create products that are beautiful and detailed yet everlasting. Casting their focal point towards creating foot-garments that stand the test of trends and time. Socks are usually a mass-produced item of clothing that are usually constructed with little consideration for the environment, piecieved as a constantly replaceable item of clothing. SOCKSSS honours mother nature by consistently improving their econological standards and constructing their pieces with renewable sources.

Latest SOCKSSS available online and in-store now.

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