"Pre-Loved, Re-Loved" We are the Music Makers Collection —  Low End Therapy
"Pre-Loved, Re-Loved" We are the Music Makers Collection — Low End Therapy

L.E.T’s Pre-Loved, Re-Loved “We are the Music Makers” collection will be released in-store and online from 10:00 AM AWST on Saturday 10.02.2024. Following our previous pre-loved, re-loved program this summer, a unique series of upcycled Dickies is used as a canvas for creativity. Pre-loved clothing provides an interesting avenue for self-expression, as pieces are not mass-produced and exude a sense of timelessness, not bound to the constraints of trends.

As a workwear label, Dickies are made to last, ensuring that pieces will outlive you in this lifetime. The Texas-based label has always aligned with working-class people and subcultures, including skating communities or 90s downtown Los Angeles. Arriving in three wearable colorways including black, dark navy, and khaki, the front of the shirt features our new L.E.T logo, and the back is a canvas for an ode to the Apex Twin track from his Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Honoring the theme of sustainability, each piece has been specifically chosen to integrate with other items of clothing that you already own.

Dickies pieces are a staple in every wardrobe, as our original work shirt is crafted from twill fabric and features secure chest pockets with a pencil slot, offering a spacious fit and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool. Scroll through images from our L.E.T Dickies campaign and explore L.E.T's past collaborations with local businesses, artists and many more!


Talent | Mali @mali.jose_

L.E.T's “We are the Music Makers” collection will be available in-store and online from 10:00AM AWST Saturday 10.02.2024!


Womens Alta Short - Blue
Carhartt WIPWomens Alta Short - Blue
Tour Tool Box - Smoke Green
W Otley Bomber - Park
Carhartt WIPW Otley Bomber - Park
W Jens Pant - Blue
Carhartt WIPW Jens Pant - Blue