Pedal Mafia | Highs and Lows "LIFE CYCLE"
Pedal Mafia | Highs and Lows "LIFE CYCLE"

‘LIFE CYCLE’ is a celebration of cycling and the diverse lives and communities it nurtures. Bike riding connects us to our immediate environment and at the same time, to our childhood selves; we can remember the joy and independence of learning to ride a bicycle for the first time as a kid, to exploring our neighbourhood streets as teenagers, and falling back in love with this sense of freedom once again, as adults. These memories and shared experiences are the foundation of our cycling community. This collection features three gravel jerseys, three pro road jerseys, socks, cargo bib, bidon, and musette. Crafted from high quality Italian fabrics, 'LIFE CYCLE' stands as an evergreen collaboration between Pedal Mafia and Highs and Lows.

In a striking contrast of monochrome and coloured images, the campaign shoot depicts the seamless integration of cycling into everyday life. This visual narrative underscores the versatility of cycling as it gracefully aligns with a spectrum of lifestyles. The black and white captures evoke a timeless, classic allure, while the vibrant hues resonate with the dynamic, modern spirit of cycling. Together, they embody the notion that cycling is not just a sport but a lifestyle effortlessly adaptable to a variety of contexts. To commemorate this union, a social 30kmph ride beckons at six am on Thursday the 21st of December from the Highs and Lows King Street Department store, concluding at Ol Bouy in Cottesloe for complimentary coffee provided by Double Double and a delectable breakfast special. 'LIFE CYCLE' is more than a collection; it is a celebration of the connections that cycling fosters within diverse lives and communities.

'LIFE CYCLE' available in-stores and online!

'LIFE CYCLE' available in-stores and online!

This collaboration acknowledges the pivotal roles played by Mitch Benson, Mitch Crook, Charles Campbell, and Dayne Willing

About Pedal Mafia: Established in 2014 by Jay Barron, Pedal Mafia was founded on the relationships and narratives cultivated on the road. Taking a thoughtful stance towards sustainable fabrics, business procedures, and an unwavering dedication to the sport, Pedal Mafia endeavours to craft a contemporary wardrobe for cycling enthusiasts, weekend riders, and professional athletes alike. Each product is meticulously crafted from top-notch materials, underscoring the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of development. The design team consistently strives to celebrate the joy and passion inherent in this beloved sport.

W Jens Pant - Blue
Carhartt WIPW Jens Pant - Blue
W S/S Lovilia Shirt - Blue
Good Life Mug - White
Carhartt WIPGood Life Mug - White
Essentials Bag - Elder
Carhartt WIPEssentials Bag - Elder