New Balance 2002R - 'Refined Future' Pack
New Balance 2002R - 'Refined Future' Pack

The last few years have been a time of disjunction globally. Throughout all the uncertainty and disconnection, the conversation through sneakers continues to go beyond geography, language, lifestyle and trends. 2021 has been a big year for New Balance, as they go beyond time, bringing us much-lauded silhouettes from the past such as the 550, 990 and 992. The brand pays homage to and celebrates its iconic history and community. They are bringing contemporary fashion models, local dads, hardcore sports and casual lifestyles together and inspiring conversation through sneakers.

Yet, even with these big aspirations, the reception to the reworked New Balance 2002R exceeded everyone's expectations! The first release of the 'Refined Future' pack was instantly sold out and outperformed even the most sought after limited-release collaborations of the year. The designer of the shoe, Yue Wu and NB, instantly knew that their vision "to refine a future" resonated with everyone worldwide - bringing along a new conversation in the sneaker community.

Don't be caught calling it the 'Protection Pack' though, this unofficial name has somehow stuck, but we reckon 'Refined Future' makes more sense... To wear or not to wear? Yue proposes a playful future. Implementing utilitarian sensibilities and reminding us that it's just a shoe. And shoes are meant to be worn. Going against the grain of clean and crispy deadstock shoes destined to hide in another collector's wardrobe, Yue executes his vision with a beat-up and worn NB 2002R appearance. Contrasting against the norm is the game here, and the community is challenged to wear them outside and cause double-takes, questions and then conversations among the community. That's the kind of refined future that Yue Wu and New Balance wouldn't mind seeing as the world recovers and connects globally again.

Highs and Lows is proud to announce the second pack of the 'Refined Future' is now available for registration via HAL LAUNCHES. With the vibrant 2002RDE - Vintage Orange and the classic colourway 2002RDD - Mirage Grey registrations are closing Friday, 10th June 9:00AM AWST.

And for those who are curious about the final colourway in the trio, scroll-through to discover a preview of the iconic NB colourway 2002RDF - Dark Navy coming soon! Follow our socials via @highs_and_lows to be the first to know when they go live!



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