Mister Green - Season 8
Mister Green - Season 8

Los Angeles based lifestyle store and brand, Mister Green arrives with their Season 8 collection. Inspired by the distinct LA “Coastal Culture”, Mister Green celebrates the iconography that the late 80s surf culture created.

Impacting the youth through brands like T&C, early meditations on yoga, musings on 60s counterculture, the LA flag as an abstract beacon of both 90s hip-hop gear as well as generic souvenir shop clothing, of course creatures of Venice as an emblem of the American boardwalk and the great clash of tourism versus localism along the setting of crashing waves.


See The Greening of America by Charles Reich and Inherent Vice by Paul Thomas Anderson.


This bizarre crossroads of beach culture is strange enough on its own, yet continues to be further twisted by its regular intersections with psychedelia.

Shedding Skin
GhostpoetShedding Skin
Rubber Factory
The Black KeysRubber Factory
Atoms for PeaceAmok
Texas Moon
Khruangbin & Leon BridgesTexas Moon
Green DayInsomniac
The Proposition
Nick Cave & Warren EllisThe Proposition
XT PU.RE - Beige / Black
Directors Chair - Black
Wacko MariaDirectors Chair - Black