LET | Stewart Armstrong
LET | Stewart Armstrong

A freelance graphic designer, art director and illustrator, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Stewart Armstrong combines analogue and digital themes to create truly unique visuals. After graduating from college Stewart began working for a record label, dipping his toe into a variety of mediums yet eventually forming a preference for creating illustrations. Stewart engages with a diverse range of industries including creating graphics for a small Japanese record label, promotions for a dance show and a website for an interior design company.

"Creating designs with a clearly distinguishable aesthetic, his creative process either begins with a single mark, drawing, image or his own photography; these different mediums are then scanned, rearranged, and redrawn until something feels right."

Stewart’s art feels both nostalgic and innovative demonstrated by his combination of acidic rave infused references with pixelated lines and bright hues. Deriving inspiration from a wide breadth of stimuli including the world around him, other creatives, artists, books, films, scents, conversations, music, and dreams.

At the heart of our creative enterprise lies Low End Therapy, a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of artists and translating their stories into wearable art. Through our soft-good program, we strive to provide artists with a unique canvas to share their distinctive styles and visions with a global audience. Stewart Armstrong's collaboration with Low End Therapy epitomizes our commitment to empowering artists and fostering artistic innovation.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Stewart Armstrong's contribution to our creative journey is the transformation he has brought to the Low End Therapy brand. With his distinctive hand-illustrated style and nuanced approach, Stewart has infused our brand with a fresh, captivating aesthetic. His artistry breathes new life into our artistic identity, pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

In welcoming Stewart Armstrong to our creative ensemble, we celebrate not only his individual talents but also the broader commitment of Low End Therapy to championing creative talent on a global scale. Through our platform, we continue to provide a canvas for artists to share their unique stories, styles, and visions, ensuring that their creativity transcends boundaries and reaches audiences around the world. Stewart's transformative work on our brand symbolizes the synergy between artistic innovation and tangible expression, reminding us of the boundless possibilities within the realm of wearable art.

Low End Therapy | Stewart Armstrong will be available in-stores and online at 10:00AM Saturday September 16th


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