LET | Peggy's
LET | Peggy's

Peggy's owners Harriet Roxburgh and Harry Peasnell have reimagined the historic Imperial Chambers on the corner of Leake and Market streets in Fremantle. The result? An inviting space adorned with whitewashed walls, custom-made furniture, and a deli-style light-box menu exuding a playful vibe. Peggy's commitment to creating great sandwiches is evident in its open plan kitchen, where two gleaming ovens craft their signature house breads. From morning delights like the four-cheese toastie to afternoon indulgences such as the Cubano spiked with mojo spice, Peggy's diverse menu ensures a memorable dining experience.

At Low End Therapy, we have created a platform dedicated to sharing the voices of local businesses', and transforming narratives into unique tangible pieces . Peggy's collaboration with Low End Therapy embodies our pledge to empower local communities and foster individuality. Influenced by Australian deli culture with a contemporary twist, the collection uses motifs that harness both Peggy’s and Low End Therapy’s creative ethos. Graphic designer Nick Camp's unique approach towards creating graphics, breathes a whimsical vibe into our identity. As we welcome Peggy's into our creative collective, we celebrate our cherished Perth businesses, but also the creativity and sense of belonging that they foster. Through our platform, we consistently provide a space for artists to share their stories, styles, and visions, ensuring creativity resonates throughout the community.

"Through our LET platform, we consistently provide a canvas for artists and small business to share their stories, styles, and visions, ensuring creativity resonates throughout the community. "

LET's capsule collection with Peggy's includes a cap and a series of short-sleeve tees, in a variety of colours adorned with a selection of playful yet reminiscent graphics. This collaboration with our favourite sandwhich connoisseurs breathes a fun-loving vibe into the L.E.T brand with their tongue in cheek motifs and energetic graphics.

However, the union of LET and Peggy’s does not end here, we have also teamed up to create the mouth-watering “Turkey Therapy”, the perfect fresh sandwich to enjoy during those hot summer strolls. The limited addition Turkey Therapy sandwich will be available alongside the capsule clothing collection at our launch party from 4pm to 8pm on Saturday the 16.12.2023.

Low End Therapy | Peggy's will be available in-stores and online at 10:00AM Saturday 16.12.2023!


Graphic Design | Nick Camp @nickcamp_
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