Introducing — Stockholm Surfboard Club
Introducing — Stockholm Surfboard Club

Stockholm Surfboard Club, co-founded by two Acne Studios alumni, Manne Haglund Glad and Anton Edberg in 2019, is a Swedish brand pushing the boundaries of contemporary surf and streetwear, embracing a deep fascination for cross-generational surfing culture. It proudly joins our brand roster, redefining surfwear with inspiration drawn from vintage surfboard graphics, album covers, and merchandise tees. Stockholm Surfboard Club's garments are characterised by kitsch graphics, vibrant colours, 70s and vintage workwear-inspired silhouettes. With a mix of unconventional expressions, their clothing goes far beyond the expectations of a typical Scandinavian or surfwear brand.

In an interview with Highsnobiety, creative director Manne Haglund Glad stated, "The surfboard is where it all started for Stockholm Surfboard Club: the craftsmanship and the history of making surfboards." The brand presents a clear yet indistinct vision, blending a surfboard company with a clothing label. Their literal inspiration for all their pieces, surfboard fins, is available for purchase on their website in a technicolour array of shapes and sizes. When envisioning surf culture, one might think of loose-fitting t-shirts, palm tree and wave graphics. However, Stockholm Surfboard Club offers a unique interpretation for this subculture, applying kitsch graphics to a wide range of colour palettes and employing unconventional styling reminiscent of 70s silhouettes, such as tailored bell bottoms, scarves, and form-fitting t-shirts.

Blending the worlds of Scandinavian fashion and surfwear, Stockholm Surfboard Club creates garments that resonate with a distinctive blend of vintage and contemporary design references. Explore the vibrant world of Stockholm Surfboard Club, both online and in our stores.

Stockholm Surfboard Club FW23 available online and in-stores now!

Stockholm Surfboard Club FW23 available online and in-stores now!

Artisan Track Short-Black
Space AvailableArtisan Track Short-Black
Bitten Hanger - Blue
Space AvailableBitten Hanger - Blue
Shirt Radical Fungi-Green
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi-Green
Rituals T-Blue
Space AvailableRituals T-Blue
System Dynamics T-White
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-White
Artisan Circular Design T-Blue
Space AvailableArtisan Circular Design T-Blue
System Dynamics T-Black
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-Black
Recycling Machine T-White
Space AvailableRecycling Machine T-White
Ocean Cap Bottle-Blue
Space AvailableOcean Cap Bottle-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Blue
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Orange
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Orange
Shirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Ocean Cap Bottle-Orange
Space AvailableOcean Cap Bottle-Orange
Inner Space Plant Jacket-Grey
Space AvailableInner Space Plant Jacket-Grey
Homme Logo T-Shirt - Gray
COMME des GARCONS HOMMEHomme Logo T-Shirt - Gray