Introducing — Space Available

Introducing — Space Available

We proudly welcome Space Available into the Highs and Lows doors. Connecting the dots between nature, culture and design. Space Available is a creative platform and ecological design studio championing to create a circular future. Innovating art, design and science, the brand's products are crafted by radically recycling waste and upcycled to introduce a new aesthetic built upon the learning, unlearning and sharing of meaningful product research and development to create space for the natural world.

‘Making Space for Nature’

Led by a global community of Designers, Artists, Scientists, and Environmentalists; specialists in sustainable design solutions Space Available create concepts, products and experiences based upon the circular and regenerative principles of nature. Their holistic approach involves bio innovation, radical recycling of waste, future craft and digital communications for the new world.

Their ethos is built on Education, Conversation and Collaboration; understanding that to solve complex problems we must collectively unite to learn, unlearn, and share skills; creating meaningful work for people and the planet.

It is their belief that the pandemic of 2020 has created a new space. A space available for us to reflect, grow and design new systems of well being; for ourselves and the environment around us.

Join us and make space for nature.

SA01 : Radical Plastics - Home Objects

  • "Multi-function Art Sculptures for the Home"
  • Circular / Zero Waste Design
  • Made From 100% Recycled Household Waste
  • All Pieces are One of a Kind in Texture and Pattern
  • Hand Pressed by Artisans - No Two Are the Same in Pattern or Colour

  • SA01 : Radical Plastics - Industrial Waste

  • Artisan Future Craft
  • Recycled Industrial Plastic Waste
  • Hand-woven Recycled Plastic
  • Made by Artisans - No Two Objects Are the Same

  • Apparel Collection

  • Artesian Garments Crafted by Human Hands
  • Hand Stitched, Hand Dyed, Hand Printed, Hand Finished
  • Printed T-shirts Made from Upcycled Factory Offcuts
  • Fabrics Range from Biodegradable Tencel or Blends of Upcycled and Organic Canvas