Introducing — Gentle Fullness
Introducing — Gentle Fullness

Enter the eclectic universe of STORY MFG’s Gentle Fullness. Introducing the recent aesthetic expansion of STORY MFG, Gentle Fullness is the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi. The family-run organic label centres itself with an environmentally conscious focus on creating garments that benefit the planet. Traditional synthetic dying and cotton production has held a significant responsibility for polluting waterways and damaging ecosystems. In comparison the positive environmental impact of the production process of Gentle Fullness can be witnessed by the implementation of natural dyeing techniques and recycled cotton fabric construction.

Pieces within the latest collection showcase an undeniable sense of versatility exuding vintage aesthetic with a truly unique colour scheme. The vibrant yet lightly washed-out palette is a testament to time-consuming sun fading techniques. Eclectic graphic design merges with thoughtful slow fashion to create stylistically unique pieces with the capability to outlive trends and become integrated seamlessly into any wardrobe rotation.

Gentle Fullness provides its audience with an ethical perspective on streetwear without compromising on design. Everything about the brand is new – aesthetics, design, and graphics; the only re-purposed aspect of their designs is the raw material. Latest Gentle Fullness available online and in-store now.

Latest Gentle Fullness available online and in-store now.

Artisan Track Short-Black
Space AvailableArtisan Track Short-Black
Bitten Hanger - Blue
Space AvailableBitten Hanger - Blue
Shirt Radical Fungi-Green
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi-Green
Rituals T-Blue
Space AvailableRituals T-Blue
System Dynamics T-White
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-White
Artisan Circular Design T-Blue
Space AvailableArtisan Circular Design T-Blue
System Dynamics T-Black
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-Black
Recycling Machine T-White
Space AvailableRecycling Machine T-White
Ocean Cap Bottle-Blue
Space AvailableOcean Cap Bottle-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Blue
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Orange
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Orange
Shirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Homme Logo T-Shirt - Gray
COMME des GARCONS HOMMEHomme Logo T-Shirt - Gray