Introducing — Ellie Mercer
Introducing — Ellie Mercer

Based in London, self-taught jeweller Ellie Mercer draws inspiration from sculpture and architecture to inform her creative process. Founded in 2016, the label specialises in creating pieces that blend resin with precious metals. Drawing inspiration from architectural entrepreneurs including Gaetano Pesce, Mercer's rings are a fusion of organic shapes and meticulously crafted cut-outs, inlaid with clear and marbled resin. This unique form of craftsmanship is attributed to the trial and error that she experienced while studying illustration at university. Through consistent experimentation, Mercer eventually mastered the delicate balance between metal and resin, showcasing her curiosity in the craft.

The hallmark of Ellie Mercer's creations lies in her harmonious blending of materials, a reflection of her appreciation for both the freedoms and restrictions of resin. This results in designs that are not only free-flowing and unique but have also earned her a distinguished place as an insider favourite within the sphere of contemporary jewellery. Mercer's rings offer an element of transparency, inviting wearers to engage with her pieces on an intimate level, giving a glimpse beneath the surface. As an artist who continuously evolves through her designs, Mercer challenges conventions, subverting traditional pieces to achieve the unexpected,  by experimenting with shapes and sizes to compliment the solid silver in an innovative way. Include an innovative piece from Ellie Mercer in your jewellery rotation by exploring her latest collection.

Ellie Mercer available in-stores and online now!


Ellie Mercer available in-stores and online now!

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