Highs and Lows Winter '23 Editorial
Highs and Lows Winter '23 Editorial

It's undeniable; one of life's toughest dilemmas is deciding what to wear when the cold weather suddenly hits. Transitioning from the warm and stuffy indoors to the cold and dreary outdoors, from sunny afternoons to chilly nights – it can be quite the challenge. But here's the thing: despite the cold attitude, if you were to ask us what our favourite season of the year is… it would be winter.

In our latest editorial, we dive into the warm serenity of indoor comfort after braving the gloomy grey skies and winds outside. We showcase styles that offer layering options influenced by functional thinking without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the streetwear trends of Europe and Asia, we take a maximal approach with a relaxed mood, playfully coordinating through proportion, colour, patterns, and textures.

Pieces will be a forever key component in your wardrobe, with their versatile and timeless look elevated with pieces you can easily reach for to deliver wearable yet eye catching outfits.

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