HAY | The Epitome of Scandinavian Furniture and Homeware Design
HAY | The Epitome of Scandinavian Furniture and Homeware Design
Founded upon the ambition to create pieces crafted with an eye for modern living and sophisticated industrial manufacturing, HAY continues to redefine contemporary accessibility, functionality and aesthetics. Becoming the epitome of high quality Scandinavian minimalistic design from their founding in 2002 by husband and wife team, Mette and Rolf Hay. Together they draw inspiration from the structural language of architecture and the dynamic playfulness of fashion and through the lens of the subtleties of design, HAY has achieved a distinct beauty musing decorative aesthetics justified with utilitarian sensibilities.

Our very own Low End Therapy department shares ideologies with HAY and we are excited to welcome their crafted pieces into our doors introducing a range of high-quality furniture and home accessories. Curated to humour simplicity and the unordinary yet never crossing the line into obstructive design. Discover life in the slow lane, with a considered design philosophy understanding the importance of aesthetics and desirability in relation to longevity – achieving a holistic design language like no other.

We welcome you to come and experience HAY’s considered pieces available online and in-store via our Low End Therapy Department located inside of our Highs and Lows King Street Flagship Store, Perth, Western Australia.


Shirt Radical Fungi-Green
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi-Green
Ocean Cap Bottle-Blue
Space AvailableOcean Cap Bottle-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Blue
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Blue
Artisan Track Short-Black
Space AvailableArtisan Track Short-Black
Bitten Hanger - Blue
Space AvailableBitten Hanger - Blue
Rituals T-Blue
Space AvailableRituals T-Blue
System Dynamics T-White
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-White
Artisan Circular Design T-Blue
Space AvailableArtisan Circular Design T-Blue
System Dynamics T-Black
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-Black
Clouded Desk Tray-Orange
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Orange
Recycling Machine T-White
Space AvailableRecycling Machine T-White
Shirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Ocean Cap Bottle-Orange
Space AvailableOcean Cap Bottle-Orange