Core Collection AW23 | Highs and Lows
Core Collection AW23 | Highs and Lows

Introducing the highly anticipated Core Collection AW23, tailored to meet the demands of the cozy season and requested by popular demand. We revisit the ideology of core garments for your day-to-day wear and restocked our best-selling fleece crewnecks, quarter zip-ups, and sweatpants from our premium lounge-wear program preparing you for the new cozy season.

Mindfully designed and considered to last you for the many seasons to come, our core pieces are constructed using soft, heavyweight fleeces made from 100% cotton. The result? An unrivalled level of cozy yet versatile garments built-to-last. Whether you're lounging at home, layering up for an outdoor adventure, or simply seeking relaxation, these garments are designed to be your next favourite sweats.

Our uniform tones ensure effortless coordination, allowing you to create head-to-toe matching sets. We've also brought back select colourways bringing in hues and contrasts that perfectly complement our signature designs. Style, comfort, and durability merge effortlessly, resulting in garments that will remain timeless and cherished for years to come.

Discover the Highs and Lows Core Collection AW23 available online and in-store now!


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