Channel 83 - Season 4 "Primitive Cable"
Channel 83 - Season 4 "Primitive Cable"

Long Live the New Network... A new reality is discovered through Channel 83’s latest expedition into the new network. Is it depicting an ancient past or a predetermined future? Half natural and half technological, the latest discoveries present organic structures built by unknown hands conceived through a digital lens.

Dialled in from unknown coordinates where realities succumb to nothing but a blur of the natural and technological, these seemingly opposite realities have found a home on Channel 83’s latest range of premium garments and goods. Titled Season 4 “Primitive Cable”, the brand's discoveries are presented through their collection featuring graphic t-shirts, hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and sweatpants, in addition to caps and accessory goods. 

Explore a showcase of the Channel 83’s latest expedition “Primitive Cable” through the lookbook below and shop the collection now.



Artisan Track Short-Black
Space AvailableArtisan Track Short-Black
Bitten Hanger - Blue
Space AvailableBitten Hanger - Blue
Shirt Radical Fungi-Green
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi-Green
Rituals T-Blue
Space AvailableRituals T-Blue
System Dynamics T-White
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-White
Artisan Circular Design T-Blue
Space AvailableArtisan Circular Design T-Blue
System Dynamics T-Black
Space AvailableSystem Dynamics T-Black
Recycling Machine T-White
Space AvailableRecycling Machine T-White
Ocean Cap Bottle-Blue
Space AvailableOcean Cap Bottle-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Blue
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Blue
Clouded Desk Tray-Orange
Space AvailableClouded Desk Tray-Orange
Shirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Space AvailableShirt Radical Fungi - Natural
Homme Logo T-Shirt - Gray
COMME des GARCONS HOMMEHomme Logo T-Shirt - Gray