Cameron Studio | Highs and Lows
Cameron Studio | Highs and Lows

Releasing in-stores and online Saturday, the 2nd of December at 10:00AM AWST. Stepping into the vibrant cultural mosaic of the 90s and 00s, seamlessly woven together by the collaborative brilliance of Highs and Lows and Cameron Studio, this project encapsulates the very essence of youth counterculture. A dynamic fusion of skateboarding, music, video clips, and soundtracks converge to define an entire way of life. At its core, this project unveils a meticulously curated embodiment of the golden era's DIY ethos. The genesis of this venture traces back to a shared nostalgia for an era dominated by skateboarding and music, where the influence of skate videos and their accompanying soundtracks permeated every facet of existence. Aesthetically revitalising the conventional DIY jewellery pieces donned by 90s skateboarders and streetwear aficionados, this collaboration imparts an elevated twist to the stylistically grungy epoch of jewellery.

This mind-elevating collection features a Choker Chain and Combination Padlock Pendant meticulously crafted from solid 925 Sterling Silver, presented in a high polish. A piece designed to be adorned in a myriad of ways, the 50cm necklace gracefully transforms into a 19cm bracelet. The padlock pendant boasts three spinnable dials engraved with 10 unique symbols, including the iconic H-A-L and Cameron Studio logo. A subtle homage to the pre-digital era, each piece arrives meticulously packaged in a cassette tape case, complete with a sleeve and inserts adorned with reinterpreted skate logos and punk music references. This collaboration is a nostalgic journey through the iconic realms of the 90s and 00s, paying homage to the cultural nuances that shaped an era. Immerse yourself in the sartorial embodiment of a past era, where each piece tells a story steeped in the rebellious spirit of youth and the unparalleled creativity of Highs and Lows and Cameron Studio.

Talent | Umi @sukidasumi

Max @maxblackwakeup

Photographer | Olivia @oliviasenior

Releasing in-stores and online Saturday, 2nd December 10:00AM

10% off applied at checkout applied in-stores and online for all core Cameron Studio product

*Pendant and chain sold separately*

About Cameron Studio

Established in 2016, Cameron Studio is a design studio based in Melbourne/Naarm, Australia. Specialising in men’s jewellery, CS takes an understated and restrained approach to design. The studio places focus on premium materials and form, creating superior product quietly informed by a design and fashion background. A label that maintains the stance of working with solid metals only; true 925 Sterling Silver and 9k Gold.

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