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  • Mary Mother of God Incense Tin - 30 Pieces | Highs and Lows


Mary Mother of God Incense Tin - 30 Pieces

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From its humble beginnings, London-based incense brand Cremate paves the way for the new wave between fashion and wellness. Curating moments, experiences, ideas and time with their unique scents, Cremate's promotes a disruption in an age where the closest thing to a ritual is reaching for our phones... The Mary Mother of God Room Spray is hand-blended in London with notes that inspire memories of 70's surf and skate coinciding with the Earth's movement.

  • Notes : Frankincense / Lavender / Lemongrass
  • Made in London
  • 30 Charcoal Incense Cones 
  • Lid Doubles as a Plate to Burn On