BEINGHUNTED. Magazine - Issue 03

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The latest issue of the Beinghunted. magazine coincides with the release of a new series of T-shirts inspired by its cover star: the nineteenth century Russian painter, Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin.

For the third issue of their eponymous magazine, the creative agency and cultural custodians of Beinghunted. have placed their long-running ‘Artifact Series’ front and center, with a cover story that celebrates the life, works, and ideals of the Russian painter Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin. An artist rarely exhibited outside of Russia,
the feature and imagery were put together with the assistance of the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The resulting selection of paintings offer both an intriguing look at a place and time far removed from our own, but also display a certain timelessness through the qualities that Vereshchagin sought to capture. As noted in the accompanying text by co- authors Jörg Haas and Sasha Krymova:
“It is easy to envision Vereshchagin as a correspondent in the numerous war zones across the planet, as a fashion photographer capturing striking characters in the streets of Florence, Paris, or Tiflis, or a multi-disciplinary creative working with photography, film, CGI and any other modern tool to create captivating artworks.”
Vereshchagin’s paintings therefore also provide fitting subject matter for the latest ‘Artifact Series’ T-shirts. Through the contemporary, democratizing format of a premium cotton tee, Beinghunted. take objects and
artworks lost in time and ‘re-catalogue’ them for a new audience. It is a fitting and enduring project for Beinghunted., who have long championed the act of archiving as a way of not only preserving but breathing new life into everything from art to fashion. Previous releases in the Beinghunted. Artifact Series from the past ten
years have featured ancient Chinese porcelain, African tribal art, Mayan sculpture, a painting by Henry Thomson sourced from the Tate Britain, and the 14 th century bust of Emperor Charlemagne as part of the Highsnobiety “Europe” T-shirt collection.

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