retaW Solid Perfume

$35 AUD Afterpay or 4 payments of $8.75 AUD

retaW Solid Perfume is packed into an easily portable tube-type container making it extremely convenient for travelling or while on the go. Apply onto wrists or the nape of your neck and the scent will gently expand upon contact with natural body heat.

  • EVELYN is a rich fruity scent featuring notes of bergamont and champagne.
  • NATURAL MYSTIC is a mysterious, spicy scent with hints of patchouli and vanilla.
  • BARNEY is a relaxing, clean scent of soap bubbles infused with ozone and cedarwood.
  • ALLEN is an invigorating floral lilly fragrance with a sour twist.
  • ISLEY is a bright and clear scent of mint and fresh citrus.



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