Collaboration: LCS R1000 'Cygnet' by Highs and Lows

Collaboration: LCS R1000 'Cygnet' by Highs and Lows
The finale to our 2014 story of the black swan and white swan which drew influence from the southern hemisphere black swan and northern hemisphere white swan - this premium rendition of the LCS R1000 is dressed entirely in supple suedes and soft leathers and draws its influence of colour palette from the young swan, otherwise known as a cygnet. The colour block remains as a direct homage to the swan pack, however now executed in a soft palette of scallop shell, periscope blue and varying degrees of white.

Available for purchase from Highs and Lows on Saturday, April 21 - a collaborative Highs and Lows and Le coq sportif tote-bag will be gifted upon purchase.
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